Cherry Blossom

Dolcea & Gabbana doing it right!

I love this dress buy D&G. With the kimono jacket having such a rocket take of cherry blossom was never going to be far behind, and with out a doubt this beautiful dress is a great example of that. The grey blue colour is backing a stunning detailed pattern, not to mention relief work to make the blossom almost seem real. This silk dress is definitely a stunner! D&G Cherry Blossom

About Me +

In some ways it seems a shame not to be starting this blog with a great pic but a really wanted to express me and my blog first. You can always just click on the ‘About Me’ but that is just the tip of the icebergs. I am starting this blog not for likes or recognition but to share my thoughts and opinions on the crowded world of the fashion industry. I have no experience working in this area but I don’t want that to hold back my views. But before we start let’s make one thing clear whether I like a designers work or not I 100% appreciate the time and effort it took to design, prototype, fit, produce and manufacture their garments.

Since I was young I have loved sewing and art, fashion is a beautiful combination of the two ‘ART that we WEAR’. So new styles are always in high demand whether it’s reintroducing a retro one or something completely new staying fashionable is the pride of my of us. I cannot say my style is always conventional but its ME and for me that’s enough.

So here are my 5 promises to you:

1)  I will be as honest as necessary (bluntly sometimes) in my views

2) I will keep my images fashion based

3) I will put in the effort needed to run this blog

4) I will be my self especially within my style

5) I will try to stick to these promises