World War One

Ok, so this is a dress I created not only for college but also for a local museum this summer in memory of the start of WW1 (it the centenary). We were asked to take inspiration form things from the time but not recreate then just produce a modern interpretation. This is a really sensitive topic so I hope I have done it justice.



Narative Remains

As promised I am going to start up loading some college course work and have decided to start with my most recent project which also corresponds to my current profile pic. We were given the tile narrative remains and asked to research a museum as well as a college trip to the Hunterien museum, which in fact was rather interesting if your in to that kinda thing. Then we gathered objects which had a story behind them and were asked to study into the story or narrative behind one of them or as a calibration. A few of my objects led my to nephew and the time we spend playing together so I focused on this. I became an Aunty in my early teens and really enjoying playing with him, his favorite game being dinosaurs or ‘roars’ as he calls them. My final piece was a necklace style body adornment which had a large section with child like drawings and writing of words, pictures, and games from my nephew stitched using a free machine embroidery foot. Then I created LOADS of mini dinosaurs from wire and fabric and dipped them in wax, latex and PVA to give them texture. I am also uploading pictures from my sketch book and samples such as my dinosaur badge in my profile pic.PhotoGrid_1404157947761[1]



College Work

So as you my know I am studying art at college with a fashion pathway (specialism) and have had the privilege this year to work under an amazing fashion tutor. On Friday I had my first ever college fashion show which went really well. So over the next couple of days I will be writing post on some of the work I have done this year. I am also hoping to retrieve my old textile course work from high school this week and will probably do a post on that and how my work has improved.

Hair Curently

well after the first bleach i completed 2 more, one of the London bleach again and one of the pearl to get my pr to this colour. but I am still not happy with it so will bleach again when doing my roots. due to the remaining yellow/orange tonnes when i tried out the pink it went kind salon but don’t have a picture of that.Image

Bleach London Total Bleach (the first bleach)

Ok, so it could have gone better my hair is now sufficiently ginger!!! But that was to be expected and my hair is really barely damaged, so instead of using the loreal next weak which is only really for really blonde hair I have decided to bleach again in a week to lighten the colour focusing on the 3 darker patches where there wasn’t enough bleach followed by the ends then the roots which are quite light. I will let you know how I get on but until then I’ll be rocking ginger (please excuse the obvious lack of make up)(actual hair is a bit lighter)


Strand test complete

The stand test went the a darkish blonde however I don’t think I got the proportions of powder and developer right on such a small scale and only left it on for 2/3 of the maximum time. But definitely a lot lighter and dot damaged really. ( not adding a picture as it didn’t come out very well(picture not the hair))

Time for a change

So recently I have watch far too much ANTM and have decided my favourite make overs are from cycle 18 the British invasion, not because I am particular patriotic but just because I love there amazing bright colours and Avant Guard styles. When I was born my hair was a sorta mid to dark blonde but as I got older it developed in to a medium ashy brown (boring) and stayed like that until I was about 13. At 13 I finally persuaded my mum to let me have high lights which we did using a home kit, they looked great but I just could keep up with the roots. But my hair growths sooooooooo fast at about 15 my hair was down to my waist and my high lights only made up the bottom half so I decided to chop them all off, since then I had my hair a couple of inches below my shoulders and as short as my chin (not the best idea but I liked it at the time and you have to try everything once) but due to dwindling vitamin levels at about 16 I started to develop a grey patch so dyed my hair a deep red.

Currently my hair looks like this about 3 inches of virgin hair on top the rest a fading brown:



And I was happy just to brighten up the roots until I saw his style:



And fell in love with the it so I decide I would just have to risk bleaching my hair (probably at least twice) to achieve it. Earlier on in the week I went out and bought these products, I have done a patch test and currently doing a strand test while writing with the hope (if I can get the bathroom) bleaching tonight.



Ok so the Bleach London total bleach(£7) and Rose semi permanent dye(£5) along with the Loreal Pearl (£6.99) were on a 3 for 2 at boots so only came to about £14

And the toning touch of sliver shampoo and conditioner where £1.75 each (the cheapest I could find them) at body care.

My plan is to use the total bleach this week and depending on the colour the loreal next week leaving my hair time to breathe in between as I prefer the soft pearl colour of the loreal toning only once I have reached the banana colour stage.Then doing my ends in the pink with a view to adding more of these semi permanent colours (2-10 washes) if they work.

Wish me luck and I shall report back later.